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Spring Newsletter 2024

Winter Newsletter 2023

Fall Newsletter 2023 

Summer Newsletter 2023


Biennial Reports

91st and 92nd Report (2022-2023)89th and 90th Report (2020-2021)87th and 88th Report (2018-2019)85th and 86th Report (2016-2017)83rd and 84th Report (2014-2015)81st and 82nd Report (2012-2013)

Guidance Documents

ACMAD Strategic Plan 2024-2026Mosquito-borne Arbovirus Response PlanInvasive Mosquito Species Response Plan

Research Publications 

2022 - Mosquito control opportunities amid regulations within the tidal marshes of the San Francisco Bay Area2022 - Wetlands and mosquito control in the 21st century2022 - Mr. Mister: Rockin' the Aedes of the San Francisco Bay Salt Marshes Operational Note2022 - Pyrethroid insecticides in urban catch basins: A potential secondary contamination source for urban aquatic systems2022 - Quantitative reverse transcription PCR assay to detect a genetic marker of pyrethroid resistance in Culex mosquitoes2021 - Single mosquito metatranscriptomics identifies vectors, emerging pathogens and reservoirs in one assay2020 - Culex erythrothorax (Diptera: Culicidae): Activity periods, insecticide susceptibility and control in California (USA)2020 - Design, Manufacture, and Construction of an Inexpensive 3D-printed CO2-baited EVS Trap2020 - Development of a Culex kdr Assay for the Detection of Pyrethroid Resistance2020 - Evaluating Mosquito Abundance Using a New Jersey Light Trap Fitted with an LED Light Bulb and BG Lure2020 - First live-action drone workshop at MVCAC 2020 Annual Conference2020 - Use of a Pop-Up Garden Waste Bag as a Resting Mosquito Trap for Mosquito Surveillance