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Swimming Pool Notices

Compliance Confirmation Needed

Mosquitoes only need a small amount of stagnant water to complete their life cycles. If left unmaintained, a single swimming pool can produce millions of adult mosquitoes in one month. With more than a thousand swimming pools to monitor, this is a huge public health challenge for all residents and the District.

Only two conditions will guarantee that mosquitoes do not grow: "Clean and Functional" or "Empty and Dry." All other conditions will require corrective action by the resident.  Long-term strategies, such as mosquitofish, may be available for partially-filled, non-functional pools.

Acceptable Pool Conditions

Clean and Functional Pool


A Clean and Functional pool has a working pump and filtration system, and a regular chemical treatment schedule. Water must be clear, with little to no algae or debris. Once a clean and functional pool is confirmed, no further action is needed.

Empty and Dry Pool

May contain: hot tub, jacuzzi, and tub

An Empty and Dry pool is completely dry and free of debris. Empty and dry pools need regular maintenance during the rainy season to stay mosquito-free. Mosquitoes will continue to lay eggs and grow throughout mild winters so the pool will need to be emptied between rains. Standing water should not be left for more than four days.

Note: Swimming pools without water are prone to costly structural damage. The District in no way recommends that anyone empty their pool and encourages residents to research the negative impact of removing the water.

Choose One of Three Ways to Confirm

If the District requests confirmation of your pool's condition, there are three ways to respond.

May contain: person, human, pool, and water

1. Text a photo to (510) 616-6969.

2. Email a photo to

When sending a photo of your swimming pool condition, make sure the notice is in the foreground and the pool in the background. The notice must be in the same photo as the pool.

3. Schedule an inspection by calling 510-783-7744 or texting (510) 616-6969. A mosquito control technician will come out to the property for a physical, on-site confirmation.

DO NOT WAIT if repairs are needed to comply.