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Technology and Innovation

Our District strives to protect public health and the quality of life in Alameda County by effectively and efficiently managing the risks from mosquitoes and mosquito-borne disease.  

MapVision Database: Our District partnered with Leading Edge, a Geographic Information System (GIS) to map Alameda County. The MapVision Database allows our district to streamline information between our staff to allow for maximum transparency and enhanced workflow. The database serves as our system to organize service requests and track treatments.  

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Commonly referred to as drones, UAS present a more cost-effective and precision-based tool to enhance mosquito detection and public health pesticide applications in difficult to access areas.  Starting in 2021, we have begun to use UAS to apply treatment to environmentally sensitive, non-residential areas, such as nature reserves with thick brush and marshy grounds. UAS are less disruptive in sensitive habitat areas than vehicle entry and improve employee safety by reducing entry in treacherous terrain and remote areas. Our District does not use UAS to fly over residential areas and does not take photos of individuals. For additional information about our UAS policies and regulations, see links below.

Frequently Asked QuestionsUAS Board ResolutionACMAD UAS PolicyAssembly Bill No. 527