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Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District Publications 2000-2019


The Impact of Bti on the Survival of the Endangered Tadpole Shrimp Lepidurus packardi by Deborah A. Dritz, Sharon P. Lawler, Joy Albertson, William Hamersky, John R. Rusmisel


A Survey of Tick-Related Services Offered by MVCAC Member Agencies by Chindi Peavey, Angie Nakano, and Robert S. Lane


Comparison of RNA Extraction Methods for Detection of Virus in Mosquitoes by Eric Haas-Stapleton, Dereje Alemayehu, Warren Macdonald, and Nayer ZahiriMosquito Trap Modifications for Improved Utility in Abundance Monitoring by Dereje Alemayehu, Mark Wieland, and Eric Haas-Stapleton


Field Evaluation of a One Gallon-Sized Oviposition Trap for Invasive Aedes Mosquito Surveillance by Dereje Alemayehu, Trinidad Reyes, Eric Haas-StapletonAlameda County Mosquito Abatement District 2016 Update by Ryan ClausnitzerMandated Trash Capture Devices: Impeding Trash Without Impeding Mosquito Abatement by Joseph Huston, Ryan Clausnitzer, Erika Castillo, Robert FerdanCulex erythrothorax: Temporal Pattern of Adult Activity and Resistance to Pesticides by Allen Esterly, Dereje Alemayehu, Cheryl Sebay, Theresa Shelton, Nayer Zahiri, Eric Haas-Stapleton


Modernizing a Mosquito District Through Process Discovery and Technological Innovations by Robert FerdanMetagenomic sequencing of Culex tarsalis from the Field by Hanna Retallack, Leslie Goo, Amy Kistler, Eric Haas-Stapleton, Joseph DeRisiInvasive Aedes Surveillance Network in Alameda County by Eric Haas-Stapleton and Dereje AlemayehuReducing Culex erythrothorax at a Freshwater Marsh Using Larvicide, Physical Control, and Traps by Ben Rusmisel, John Busam, Dereje Alemayehu, Joseph Huston, Ryan Clausnitzer, and Eric Haas-StapletonMosquito Magnet and BG-Sentinel Traps Baited with BG-Lure for Collecting Aedes aegypti by Dereje Alemayehu, John Busam, Trinidad Reyes, Eric Haas-StapletonBlood-Meal Analysis of Culex erythrothorax Collected In a Marsh Habitat by Joanna Roacho, Allen Esterly, and Eric Haas-StapletonSaving Resources by Utilizing a Novel Reel Dipper to Inspect Out-of-Reach Sources by Sarah Erspamer, Mark Wieland, Joseph Huston, and Eric Haas-StapletonPermethrin Resistance in Culex pipiens by Danny Avila and Eric Haas-StapletonInsecticide Resistance in Culex tarsalis by Miguel Barretto, Rajni Lakha, and Eric Haas-Stapleton


Mosquito and Vector Control as Special Districts: Opportunities and Challenges by Ryan Clausnitzer and Kyle PackhamOpportunites With the Advancement of Tidal Marsh Restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area by Erika Castillo and Ryan ClausnitzerUnexpected Observations in Catch Basins Treated With Extended Release Briquettes by Sarah Erspamer, Annika Avery, Joseph Huston, and Eric Haas-StapletonMapping the KDR Mutation in Culex pipiens Throughout Alameda County by Miguel Barretto and Eric Haas-StapletonDetermining the Effectiveness of a Sticky Light Trap for Collecting and Evaluating Mosquitoes for Insecticide Resistance by Annika Avery, Miguel Barretto, Dereje Alemayehu, John Busam, Babak Ebrahimi, Eric Haas-Stapleton