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Other Genera (Coquillettidia, Orthopodomyia, Psorophora, Uranotaenia)

May contain: animal and invertebrate

Coquillettidia: Adults are medium in size and can easily be confused with Aedes and Culex mosquitoes. Larvae do not breathe air from the surface of the water instead they attach to air cells of aquatic plants to obtain oxygen for respiration. They are mostly found in permanent bodies of water and only float to the surface as pupae just prior to emerging as an adult. One species is found in California.

Orthopodomyia: Adults are medium sized mosquitoes, usually with conspicuous ornamentation. They primarily live in wooded areas and not known to bite humans. One species is found in California.

Psorophora: Eggs are laid singly on the ground in depressions where water collects. They are able to withstand long periods of drying. Larvae develop quickly. Adults are vicious biters and readily attack humans and other warm-blooded hosts. Two species are found in California.

Uranotaenia: Eggs of Uranotaenia are laid on the water and stick to each other to form a raft. Larvae rest nearly horizontal with the surface of the water. Adults rarely feed on humans. One species is found in California.