Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District


Report Mosquito Problem

We can have a trained technician come out to your house and try to resolve your mosquito issue.  Often the mosquito source is not very far away.  Our technicians typically start with an inspection of your yard and branch out from there.  Our goal is to have a technician out to your property within 2 working days (except, of course, on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays). Please note that we can respond only to Alameda County addresses.

Do I have mosquitoes? Several insects look like mosquitoes but do not bite and do not spread disease.  For information on mosquito-like insects click here.

  • We have 22 species of mosquitoes in Alameda County, each with a unique ecology and behavior. In order to help solve your mosquito problem, please let us know when and where you have seen mosquitoes. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC.
  • The District is expanding surveillance for invasive Aedes mosquitoes. We are in need of residences where we can place a bucket sized trap in an inconspicuous location that we can monitor on a routine basis. These traps will allow us to determine if invasive Aedes mosquitoes are present in your neighborhood.
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