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Board Meeting Minutes







July 9, 2014

TIME:   5:00 PM

PLACE:  Office of the District, 23187 Connecticut St., Hayward


Barbara Halliday , President, City of Hayward
Ryan Clausnitzer, Vice-President, City of Alameda
George Young, Secretary, City of Fremont
James N. Doggett, City of Livermore
Richard Guarienti, City of Dublin
Kathy Narum, City of Pleasanton
Jim Prola, City of San Leandro
Ronald Quinn, City of Union City
William M. Spinola, City of Newark
Jan O. Washburn, City of Berkeley
City of Oakland, vacant
City of Emeryville, vacant
City of Piedmont, vacant
County-at-large, vacant

Board President Halliday called the regularly scheduled board meeting to order at 5:00 PM.

Trustees Bill Spinola and Ron Kathy Narum were absent. Also present were Melanie Lee and John Bliss of SCI, Consulting LLC and Diane Prola.

President Halliday invited members of the public to speak on issues relevant to the
District. There were no comments by members of the public.

The Board approved the Minutes of the 1010th meeting held June 11, 2014. (Prola / Doggett, unanimous with Dickinson and Quinn abstaining).

President Halliday opened the Public Hearing on the proposed tax rate and asked Melanie Lee from SCI Consulting Group to give a brief explanation of the District’s benefit assessment process. Ms. Lee explained that the benefit assessment was passed in 2008 by 70% of the county’s property owners. Today’s hearing is the second step in setting and levying the District’s Mosquito Control Assessment for fiscal year 2014-2015. The first step was completed at the June 11, 2014 Board meeting, with the presentation of the Engineer’s report and its acceptance by the Board. At today’s meeting, the Board is holding a public hearing and considering a Resolution to levy the benefit assessment. Ms. Lee pointed out that in 2008 the voters had approved an assessment of up to $5.00 per single family equivalent but that the board has the tax at only half that amount or $2.50.

President Halliday asked if there were any questions from members of the board. Board member Robert Dickinson asked what a Single Family Equivalent was and Ms. Lee explained that this was a process of assigning relative benefit to each property in relation to a single family home. A detailed explanation can be found in the Engineer’s Report. Board member Ron Quinn asked where the public hearing had been announced. District Manager Chindi Peavey replied that the hearing had been announced in all of the Bay Area Newsgroup papers on June 28th and was in the agenda posted on the District’s web page on the office door. There were no questions from members of the public. The public hearing was closed.

The Board passed Resolution 1011-1, a resolution to levy assessments for fiscal year 2014-15, a resolution ordering the levy of assessments for fiscal year 2014-2015 for the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District Mosquito and Disease Control Assessment (Doggett / Prola, unanimous).

The Board listened to a presentation by John Bliss of SCI about the work entailed in surveying property owners in the City of Albany to determine their interest in having the District extend service to their city. No action was taken on the subject.

The Board reviewed Warrants dated June 15, 2014 numbering 062014 through 064914 amounting to $133,515.06 and warrants dated June 30, 2014 numbering 065014 through 068314 amounting to $127,194.40 (Information only).

President Halliday asked Manager Peavey whether two identical charges of 803.76 for TelePacific in the set of warrants for May 15. Manager Peavey said she would check on the explanation and send an answer by e-mail to the Board.

The Board reviewed Account Balances and revenues received. District Manager Chindi Peavey reported that the revenue report for June was not available yet because the District had not received the revenue report from the county treasurer’s office until the day of the board meeting (July 9). She stated that the majority of the District’s tax revenues were received in December and April and there would be only minor changes in June. The revenue report will be updated at the next Board meeting.

District Manager Chindi Peavey presented the Monthly Operational Report for June 2014.

District Manager Chindi Peavey presented the Manager’s Report for June 2014 (Information only).

West Nile Virus – Santa Clara County has more than half the WNV activity in California this year and there have been human cases in Stanislaus, San Joaquin, Contra Costa Counties. Fogging for adult mosquitoes has been carried out several times this year in the surrounding counties of San Joaquin, Contra Costa, Santa Clara and San Mateo, following the detection of WNV in adult mosquitoes. In Alameda County to date, WNV has been detected in 5 crows and virus has not been detected in mosquitoes. The board members discussed circumstances that might trigger adult mosquito control in Alameda County. District Manager stated that the District would fog by truck-mounted equipment if West Nile virus was detected in multiple adult mosquitoes within a specific area and that fogging would be done in a ½ mile radius around locations at which positive mosquitoes had been collected and the number of adult mosquitoes collected in traps in such an area was high or if there was a human case that appeared to be acquired within Alameda County. Board members asked for more details on the triggers, such as the exact number of mosquitoes in a trap that would be considered “high” The Board member Jim Prola stated that the Board member for the city in which fogging would be conducted should be notified as soon as possible. District Manager Chindi Peavey agreed that that Board member would be notified immediately and stated that the issue would be reviewed again at the next meeting.

Manager Chindi Peavey discussed a new letter from the Washington office of US Fish and Wildlife Service regarding mosquito control work on National Wildlife Refuges.

The Coastal Region districts participating in the Source Reduction permit have
commissioned an Informal Biological Evaluation (IBE) in preparation for a Biological Assessment and Biological Opinion from the USFW Office of Endangered Species. In Alameda County, the source reduction permit covers the cleaning of existing ditches in salt marshes with hand tools by District staff. (Information only).

Manager Peavey updated the Board on the Programmatic Environmental Impact Report.

Manager Chindi Peavey discussed having the Board developing a formal Policy on Financial Reserves – and suggested having the Finance or Policy Committee meet in the next two months to begin drafting a financial reserve policy.

President Halliday asked if there were any items to be added to the agenda for the August Board meeting. There were none.

President Halliday asked if there were any announcements from members of the Board.

Board members complimented the District staff on their booth at the County Fair during June.

                                                                                        Respectfully S

                                                                                        George Young, Secretary


Approved as written and/or corrected
at the 1012th meeting of the Board of
Trustees held August 13, 2014

Barbara Halliday, President

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