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Board Meeting Minutes







June 11 , 2014

TIME:   5:00 PM

PLACE:  Office of the District, 23187 Connecticut St., Hayward


Barbara Halliday , President, City of Hayward
Ryan Clausnitzer, Vice-President, City of Alameda
George Young, Secretary, City of Fremont
James N. Doggett, City of Livermore
Richard Guarienti, City of Dublin
Kathy Narum, City of Pleasanton
Jim Prola, City of San Leandro
Ronald Quinn, City of Union City
William M. Spinola, City of Newark
Jan O. Washburn, City of Berkeley
City of Oakland, vacant
City of Emeryville, vacant
City of Piedmont, vacant
County-at-large, vacant

The Manager’s Evaluation Committee met at 4:30 to discuss the Manager’s evaluation and advancement from Salary Step 3 to Salary Step 4.

Board President Halliday called the Regularly Scheduled Board meeting to order at 5:10 PM.

Trustees Robert Dickinson and Ron Quinn were absent.

President Halliday proposed moving Item 3, a closed session on the Manager’s
evaluation to a position after Item 7, and allow guest speaker Jennifer PerLee of SCI Consulting to present the Engineer’s Report earlier (Halliday/Washburn, unanimous).

President Halliday invited members of the public to speak on issues relevant to the District.

The Board approved the Minutes of the 1009th meeting held May 14, 2014. (Prola / Washburn, unanimous) with Spinola abstaining.

Jennifer PerLee from SCI Consulting Group presented the Engineers Report for fiscal year 2014-2015 (Information only).

The Board passed Resolution 1010-1, a resolution of intention to levy assessments for fiscal year 2014-15, preliminarily approving the Engineer’s Report and providing for notice of hearing for the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District Mosquito and Disease Control Assessment. (Prola / Spinola, unanimous).

The Board passed Resolution 1010-2, adopting the budget for fiscal year 2014/2015 (Washburn / Spinola, unanimous).

The Board entered closed session.

The Board came out of closed session.

President Halliday reported out from closed session that the Board had completed the evaluation of Manager Chindi Peavey and approved her advancement from Step 3 to Step 4 in the Manager’s salary schedule, effective July 1. The committee will complete the written evaluation and present it to Manager Peavey on July 9.

The Board reviewed Warrants dated May 15, 2014 numbering 056614 through 059114 amounting to $87,767.03 and warrants dated May 31, 2014 numbering 059214 through 061914 amounting to $110,420.94 (Information only). President Halliday asked Manager Peavey why there were two identical charges of 803.76 for TelePacific in the set of warrants for May 15. Manager Peavey said she would check with Clarence for the explanation.

The Board reviewed Account Balances and revenues received as of May 31, 2014.

The Board reviewed Revenues received as of May 31, 2014 for Fiscal Year 2013-14.

District Manager Chindi Peavey presented the Monthly Operational Report for May

District Manager Chindi Peavey presented the Manager’s Report for May 2014.
(Information only)

1. Aerial Pool Survey. The annual survey for neglected swimming pools in Dublin, Pleasanton Livermore was received and technicians are checking pools now. A second aerial survey over the cities of Fremont, Union City Newark, Hayward and Castro Valley, was completed on May 27.

2. Update on Albany Survey –John Bliss of SCI to come to the July Board Meeting to provide information on surveying the residents of Albany about joining the district.

3. The rate that the District pays for the Employer’s share of CalPERS retirement costs will increase an additional 0.8% in 2015-16 due to the fact that no new employees will be joining the existing 2% @ 55 pool and that pool will rely on an ever-decreasing number of active employees in that pool. New employees are in a new 2% @ 62 pool. The exact amount of the increase will be reported in the Actuarial Report for the CalPERS retirement pool which is expected to be received in October.

4. Invasive Aedes Response Plan – A draft plan for the response to the potential introduction of Aedes aegypti or Ae. albopictus to Alameda County has been developed. The draft is in the Board packet and an amount of $250,000 has been added to the budget for 2014-15 under Reserves for Public Health Emergencies.

5. Status of Trustee Appointments. A letter has been sent to each member of the Oakland City Council asking for their participation in appointing a new trustee for their city. Manager Chindi Peavey contacted the City of Emeryville, and was told that there are currently no candidates for the position.

6. Programmatic Environmental Impact Report. The Draft PEIR is still being edited. A new appendix E has been sent to Cardno-Entrix by Wes Maffei. The District is hoping to complete the Draft in late June and release it to the public.

7. The 2012-13 Biennial Report has been finalized and is being distributed. Each trustee was given one copy. District staff will be taking several copies to each city.

8. Public Education events in June include the Alameda County Fair (June 18 - July 6) and Bug Days at the UC Botanical Garden on June 15.

President Halliday asked if there were any announcements from members of the Board.

                                                                                        Respectfully S

                                                                                        George Young, Secretary


Approved as written and/or corrected
at the 1011th meeting of the Board of
Trustees held July 9, 2014

Barbara Halliday, President

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