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Board Meeting Minutes







March 12, 2014

TIME:   5:00 PM

PLACE:  Office of the District, 23187 Connecticut St., Hayward


Barbara Halliday , President, City of Hayward
Ryan Clausnitzer, Vice-President, City of Alameda
George Young, Secretary, City of Fremont
Dennis Bray, County-at-large
James N. Doggett, City of Livermore
Richard Guarienti, City of Dublin
Kathy Narum, City of Pleasanton
Jim Prola, City of San Leandro
Ronald Quinn, City of Union City
William M. Spinola, City of Newark
Jan O. Washburn, City of Berkeley
City of Oakland, vacant
City of Emeryville, vacant
City of Piedmont, vacant

Board President Halliday called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM

Trustee Jim Prola arrived at 5:05. No Trustees were absent. Jim Golden, former Trustee for the City of Emeryville was present as a guest.

President Halliday invited members of the public to speak on issues relevant to the District. No members of the public asked to speak.

The Board approved the Minutes of the 1006th meeting held February 12, 2014 (Narum/Guarienti, unanimous with Trustees Washburn, Spinola, and Bray abstaining).

The Board passed Resolution 1007-1 Recognizing Trustee Jim Golden for his 18 years of service to the District. Trustee Golden stated that his proudest achievement with the District had been the passage of the benefit assessment in 2008 (Doggett/Prola, unanimous).

Michael O’Connor CPA with R.J. Ricciardi, Inc presented the audit for fiscal year ending June 30 2013. The Board accepted the audit. (Prola/Spinola, unanimous).

The Board voted to nominate Ayn Weiskamp for Special District Representative to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) and to vote for Ms. Wieskamp in the election on May 14th. The Board directed Board President Barbara Halliday to attend the election on Wednesday May 14 to cast a vote for Ms. Wieskamp. The Board designated Kathy Narum to be an alternate to attend the election on May 14, 2014 (Prola/Washburn, unanimous).

The Board discussed the Compensation Agreement with the Fremont Successor Agency to the former Fremont Redevelopment Agency. The Board approved the Compensation Agreement (Doggett/ Washburn, unanimous).

Board member Bill Spinola reported on the meeting of the Energy Conservation Committee, held at 4:00 PM March 12. The committee had reviewed the feasibility and cost/benefits of installing solar panels on the District office. They had determined that at present, the cost of the panels would exceed any savings on the District’s utility bill. Trustee Spinola stated that he had analyzed the utility bills for the past year and was impressed at how little gas and electricity the District uses. The bills are quite low for a commercial building of this size. Trustee Spinola had met with the District’s Mechanical Specialist Greg Wood, regarding the indoor and outdoor lights, heating and air conditioning unit. They had determined that the lights in the shop and outside could be upgraded and changed to LED. In the process, they also found that the roof will need to be replaced in the near future. Mr. Spinola wanted to know if the roof had a warranty on it. Mr. Wood also stated that the air conditioner unit on the roof will need to be replaced soon. Board member Kathy Narum asked if the committee had considered water conservation in its analysis. Committee member and Board President Barbara Halliday stated that they had.

The Board members reviewed the membership and charges of the current committees (Finance, Policy, and Energy Conservation). Trustee Kathy Narum was added to the Finance Committee. Trustees McLeod and Golden have now retired and are no longer on the Policy or Finance Committees (Doggett/Guarienti, unanimous).

Board President Barbara Halliday announced that the Finance committee will meet at 4:00 PM on April 9, before the regularly scheduled Board Meeting, to begin reviewing the draft budget for FY 2014-15.

The Board reviewed Warrants dated February 15, 2014 numbering 039614 through 041914 amounting to $75,043.49 and warrants dated February 28, 2014 numbering 042014 through 045014 amounting to $104,045.51 (Information only).

The Board reviewed Account Balances and revenues received as of February 28, 2014

District Manager Chindi Peavey presented the Monthly Operational Report for February 2014.

1. District Manager Chindi Peavey presented the Manager’s Report for February 2014.

a. Mosquito & Vector Control Association of California – annual conference

b. Vector Control Joint Powers Agency held its annual workshop

c. Alameda County Special District Association – Annual Dinner March 27, 2014. Trustees Guarienti and Narum will attend with District Manager Chindi Peavey

d. The two surplus catch basin treatment trucks were sold through an auto auction company for a net amount of $504 and $678.

e. Conflict of Interest Disclosures – The District has now received FPPC 2012/2013 Statement of Economic Interests, Form 700 from all of the Trustees.

f. The District has hired Nicholas Appice as a new Assistant Mosquito Control
Technician for zone 2 which covers the City of Oakland and Piedmont.

President Halliday asked if there were any announcements from members of the Board. There were none.

President Halliday asked trustees for items to be added to the agenda for the next Board meeting. Board member Kathy Narum requested that the Board receive information about projected increases in the District’s pension costs with CalPERS.

The meeting adjourned at 6:23 PM.

                                                                                        Respectfully S

                                                                                        George Young, Secretary


Approved as written and/or corrected
at the 1008th meeting of the Board of
Trustees held April 9, 2014

Barbara Halliday, President

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