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Request for mosquitofish

Please fill out the form below and send it to us. Our goal is to have a technician out to your property to deliver the fish within 24 hours (except, of course, on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays). We will deliver the fish only to Alameda County addresses. For your convenience, Alameda County residents can also pick up mosquitofish at our district office.

Please note that all fields marked with a " * " are required fields. If you don't fill them out, we will be unable to process your request.

* First Name  
* Last Name  
* Street Address  
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* City  
* Zip  
* Home Phone  
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* Email Address  
Where is your pond or water feature * ?
(Please check one):
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  Front yard
  Side yard
Please enter special instructions for us about the pond's placement in the text area below:
Will our technician be able to get to the pond easily?
Please enter special instructions for us about pond access in the text area below:
Do you have a dog "guarding" the pond area?
All tap water in Alameda County is now disinfected with chloramines (not chlorine) which WILL KILL OUR FISH.  You must treat the water in your pond with a conditioner that removes the chloramines or we will not deliver the fish.  If you answer "No", a technician will contact you before the fish can be delivered.  Is your pond water free of chloramines?
IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!  Do we have permission to enter your property?
And finally, please tell us what size your pond is. You can either estimate its volume (in gallons) or its physical size (so many square feet) *


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