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Educational Materials
Part of the mission of ACMAD includes educating the public.  To that end we're coming up with materials that teachers can use to educate their students about mosquito ecology.  This area will remain under construction at all times.  If you have a suggestion for materials to include here, please feel free to email us with your ideas.
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Hawk Color Project

Your students can spend time coloring in this picture of a harrier hawk. (1 page, 163 Kb)
  Matching A simple word/picture matching assignment that includes a drawing exercise.  (1 page, 652 Kb)
  Mosquito Wordfind A small group of jumbled letters, with 13 words for your students to find.  Includes answer key (2 pages, 1.29 Mb)
  Mosquito Maze A simple maze, challenging students to lead the jogger away from mosquito dangers and safely to the park. (1 page, 971 Kb)
  Skeeter's Maze A more complicated maze.  Can your students help Skeeter Mosquito to find one of three egg-laying spots? (1 page, 1.27 Mb)

A more complicated word/picture matching, challenging students to match words and pictures with a description.  (1 page, 652 Kb)
  Balancing Mosquito A clever little craft project your students can do.  The only items it requires from home are a pair of pennies. (2 pages, 220 Kb)
  All About Mosquitoes This 8-page activity set gives students a short reading lesson on the ecology and dangers of mosquitoes, what they can do, and a set of activities--all presented by a friendly character named "Skeeter". (8 pages, 13 Mb)
  Mosquito Wordfind Inside this jumble of letters are 13 words related to mosquitoes.  Answer sheet included. (2 pages, 1.43 Mb)

A crossword puzzle focussing on mosquito related words.  Includes answer sheet. (2 pages, 62.8Kb)
A short fact sheet, detailing the mosquito life cycle. (2 pages, 1.68Mb)
A small cut-out assignment in which students put the life cycle drawings in the right order.  Works best after reading the life cycle sheet. (1 page, 1.61Mb)
A detailed 1-page sheet giving the beginner a firm foundation on the nature of mosquitoes. (1 page, 223Kb)
There are nineteen mosquito related words to unscramble in this assignment sheet.  Includes teacher's answer sheet. (2 pages, 45.5Kb)
A word search puzzle containing 30 mosquito related words. (1 page, 83Kb)