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Technical Documents

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Community Brochures

10-11 Biennial Report The 79th and 80th report for the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District (25 pages, 3 MB).

ACMAD General Information: A basic guide, introducing you to what services we provide, how we can help you and how you can help us (16 pages 2.7 Mb).
08-09 Biennial Report The 77th and 78th report for the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District (28 pages, 1.5 Mb).
Mosquito Prevention for Fishponds
Mosquito Prevention for Fishponds:  A comprehensive guide to owning and maintaining a fishpond, whether you're considering getting one, or already have one (16 pages 1.3Mb).
Equine WNV Outlook:  The outlook for Equine WNV for the United states in 2003 (3 pages, 88 Kb)
Backyard Checklist
Backyard Checklist:  A checklist you can use to look for mosquito breeding grounds around your home (1 page, 40.3 Kb).
Mosquito Control Program
Mosquito Control Program: A detailed document outlining the control program for Alameda County (52 pages, 522 Kb).
Mosquito Facts
Mosquito Facts:  A simple 1-page pdf answering some of your questions regarding mosquito ecology (1 page, 72 Kb).
Recommendations for Salt Marsh Restoration
Recommendations for Salt Marsh Restoration: A report outlining the recommendations for the restoration of salt marshes (2 pages 14 Kb).
.West Nile Virus and You

West Nile Virus and You:  Answers to some questions and suggestions for the homeowner (2 pages, 2.42 Mb).

Managing Mosquitoes in Surface-Flow Constructed Treatment Wetlands
Managing Mosquitoes in Surface-Flow Constructed Treatment Wetlands:  By William E. Walton, Associate Professor, Associate Entomologist, Entomology dept., UC Riverside (11 pages, 372 Kb)
Mosquito Prevention for Water Troughs
Mosquito Prevention for Water Troughs:  A guide for using mosquito fish in sources such as water troughs (4 pages 1.84 Mb).
Managing Mosquitoes in Stormwater Treatment Devices

Managing Mosquitoes in Stormwater Treatment Devices:  By Marco E. Metzger, Vector-Borne Disease Section, California Department of Health Services (11 pages, 476 Kb).

Mosquito Prevention in your backyard

Mosquito Prevention in your backyard: A printable poster, showing all the possible places where mosquitoes can breed right outside your home (1 page 1.4 Mb).

Benefit Assessment Ballot Results with breakdown by city

Mosquito Prevention in your backyard--GIF format
Mosquito Prevention in your backyard--GIF format: The same as the poster above, but in GIF format (1 page 125 Kb).
Fight the Bite--Protect Your Family
Fight the Bite--Protect Your Family: A single page flyer that provides information on mosquito repellent for your family (1 page 139 Kb).
Fight the Bite--Protecting Outdoor Workers
Fight the Bite--Protecting Outdoor Workers: A single page flyer providing concise yet comprehensive information for the protection of workers out of doors (1 page 130 Kb).


Fight the Bite--Home & Garden Checklist
Fight the Bite--Home & Garden Checklist: A single page flyer that points out the most common breeding grounds for mosquitoes around the home, and what can be done (1 page 135 Kb).
    Control De Mosquitos (Zancudos)

Control De Mosquitos (Zancudos): Our brochure on mosquito control, in Spanish (2 pages 926 Kb).