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Internet Resources for Pond Owners
This page is provided by the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District to help pond owners to locate sites on the Internet where they can find information related to ponds. The information found at many of the linked sites can help the pond owner to build, maintain and appreciate their ponds. A well built and maintained pond is the best defense against creating mosquito problems.

General Pond Information

The Half-Barrel Pond Page A good site for ideas on backyard barrel water gardens. Additional pond links.

Pond Rushes An outstanding source of information on pond construction and much more. Lots of links.
This site has about everthing you will need to design and construct your pond. This one is a must visit.
Koi Karnival. An excellent site, offering information on pond pests, construction, links and more.  Provided by a practicing veteranarian, this site is a must for the proper care of your fish.

Networx  A home improvement network loaded with advise; including pond construction, mosquito prevention and repellants.

Fish Information
Fish Information Service Although oriented to aquarium fish, information of use to pond owners is available.
Fish Link Central Oriented to aquarium, but has information of interest to pond owners. Lots of links.

Water Plants

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants This is a University of Florida site providing general information about aquatic plants.
Aquatic Gardeners Association Information about aquatic plants, magazine and links.

Predators and Problems

PestWeb: Insects and other pests Information resources and links.
California Department of Fish and Game Information on racoons and oppossums.


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