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Culiseta Mosquitoes of California

 Culiseta  impatiens
Habitat/Ecology - Very rare. Larvae in man made and natural water reservoirs that are rich in organic matter.
Hosts - Will bite humans.
Distribution - Mariposa, Alpine, Sierra, Shasta and Mono Counties
Vector Potential / Diseases - Unknown
 Culiseta  incidens
Habitat/Ecology - Peak population occurs during the cooler months. Coastal - larvae in fresh and brackish water. In snow pools in the Sierra. Larvae found in spring water, isolated creek pools, rock pools, hoof prints, rain barrels, fish ponds, abandoned swimming pools, etc.
Hosts - Precipitin tests indicate a preference for domestic mammals. Will bite humans.
Distribution - Abundant along the coast in the foothills and Sierra up to 9,500 feet elevation.
Vector Potential / Diseases - A vector of WEE, SLE and JBE under lab conditions. No isolations have been found in wild populations.
 Culiseta  inornata
Habitat/Ecology -  Primarily a late fall through spring mosquito. Larvae found in a wide variety of habitats (ie. seepages, rain pools, ditches, canals, duck club ponds and salt marshes). Larvae can tolerate water with a salt content of up to 2.6%.
Hosts - Prefer large domestic animals. Can bite humans.
Distribution - Almost all counties up to 10,000 feet.
Vector Potential / Diseases - Have found a Washington population infected with WEE virus. Utah and North Dakota populations have had Cache virus. Under lab conditions is a vector of WEE, SLE and JBE viruses.
 Culiseta  particeps
Habitat/Ecology -  Larvae in small cutoff pools of streams and the shallow margins of Typha - filled pools in wooded or semiwooded habitats.
Hosts -
Distribution - Coastal California and Central California
Vector Potential / Diseases - unknown