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The Danger of Chloramines to Fish






All tap water in Alameda County is now being treated with chloramines (not chlorine) which are toxic to fish, shellfish, reptiles and amphibians. Chloramines are chemicals which contain chlorine and ammonia, and are being added to tap water to disinfect it. If you use well water to fill your ponds or troughs, chloramines are not an issue.
dead fish
What can you do to protect your fish?
Water used for fish must be treated in a manner appropriate to remove both the chlorine and ammonia components of the chloramines. In order to do this you must use conditioning chemicals designed to remove chloramines (such as Amquel ® or ChlorOut ®) available at pet stores, fish supply stores, and some variety stores.

Treatments which are NOT effective:
• letting the untreated water stand outside for a day or two
• boiling the water first
• using chemicals that remove only chlorine

To be completely safe, always pretreat your water before adding it to your pond no matter how little you add. Treatment and test kits are available at most pet and fish supply stores. Chloramine residuals in treated water should be below 0.1 mg per liter.

For additional information, contact:

East Bay Municipal Utilities District 510. 287. 0138
Alameda County Water District 510. 659. 1970 ext 520
Zone 7 Water Agency 925. 447. 0533 ext 210
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (Hetch-Hetchy Water) 650. 652. 3115